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Your thoughts, advice, suggestions would be appreciated :) 7549 Tuna

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Just received my first Tuna (thanks John) a 7549-7010 which has had the 6309 mod (but after market dial and hands)done due to the original dial/hands and movement getting severely damaged by water at some time.

This Tuna is going to cause me problems because as soon as i saw it, i really liked it (first Tuna i have seen in the flesh) and now that i have mounted it on a 22mm watcherdoo i am loving it and wearing it as i type, i like the looks and the feel so Harry now has serious competition ;)

[glow=red,2,300]So suggestions and thoughts:[/glow]

Do i keep it has a 6309 mod but with original dial/hands ?

Do i try to restore it to original ?

Do i mod it completely ?

Do i replace dial and hands with a modern or more available Tuna dial and hands ?

Do i mod it with a MM dial and hands :)

Do i keep the original bezel insert or get a replacement, are replacements available ?

Are chapter rings available (not the same size as a 6309)

Exciting getting something new isent it ?? ;) ;) ;)

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Any more info on the 6309 mod? Is the movement just a drop-in swap? I am surprised I have never heard of this. I REALLY like the shrouded divers, but I want an auto movement.

andy b.
Hi Andy, yes just a straight drop in. 8)
Hey John, congrats on that cool tuna. 8) <;))---<<(
I got myself a 7549 incoming, and love the fact that I have the option to drop in this auto movement. ;)
Can't wait to see which way you'll take this, and what mods you'll do if so.
Did you get the original 7549 quartz movement or just the straight modded 6309 auto?

Cheers, Dave.
Hi Dave,
yes i did receive the original dial and hands, still toying with trying to get the movement running after Harry in Denmark's post on the subject and also thinking about having the original dial refurbished, doing lots of thinking :)

I have just transplanted another 6309 movement into it with the hacking mod and original dial, wears very nice and liking it a lot.


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restore it to original,the hands are the most gorgeous parts of that watch,'s mine :)

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Restore it to original. It is a beautiful watch, it's a shame to modify something like this.
Now that i have the original movement running and the H/M hands have cleaned up well i am leaning very much towards restoring to original, just the dial and chapter ring (major parts) proving hard to find.

Wearing it at the moment with the 6309 hacking and REALLY loving this watch.


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Yogi18 said:
Restore it to original. It is a beautiful watch, it's a shame to modify something like this.
+1. A shame to modify a classic.
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