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My girlfriend has her b'day coming soon...we decided together that I will buy her a watch :) ...

Currently we are torn between two Seiko''s either the SARB035 or the SBCM023....

She likes both sport and dress watches and she has really skinny wrists. Will these watches look too big on her wrist? Which wears smaller of the two? Also do you have any other suggestions for nice Seiko/Citizen/Orient watches around 37mm?

Thanks in advance comrades ;)
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My wife used to wear a SBCM023, she really liked it, in fact preferred it to the mid-size Omega Seamaster. The bracelet is very comfortable and the winder at 4 o'clock doesn't dig into the wrist. Easy to remove the bracelet as has drilled lugs if you prefer NATO strap or similar. Only thing not ideal is that the standard crystal is Hardlex not sapphire so can get scratched. Super-accurate movement, especially if worn daily.
Sold it as she now likes titanium watches instead.
Here's a pic..

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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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