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Your Advice please

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Being new to your forum, I'm not sure if I'm posting to the proper area but here goes. I purchased a Seiko 6139-6015 new about 1970. It has been a real workhorse for all these years and was serviced about 12 years ago. It really didn't need much but a good cleaning and new gaskets. I'm now in a position that I would like it serviced and when I took it in I was told that parts would likely be an issue. The watchmaker stated that if he did a thorough cleaning and it happened to need a new "barrel" that he couldn't get that part any longer and once the watch was cleaned it likely wouldn't keep the same "dead on" time. I didn't go through with the cleaning. It's keeping new perfect time which it always has! I've started looking around to purchase another 6139 or maybe a 6138 if I can find a good one.
Can anyone advise me as to which Seiko (newer ones today) has a comparable automatic movement as the 6139 had? I'm interested in another chrono but I'm not sure of which is the best Seiko automatic out there today. I'm not interested in the Grand Seiko at all. I'm after something comparable to my old 6139 and with a metal bracelet.
Thanks for any help you can offer.
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If i was you i would just get that one you have serviced (if it needs it) as you will struggle to find new that is comparable (imo) and you like yours and it has history so............:)
I just saw one on our favorite auction site...I used the numbers from your post..6139-6015

also some for parts or repair starting at a low bid price....Good Luck..
I'm with the others. Get it serviced and then deal with any parts that need replacement (if any). Treat the service as preventative maintenance. You wouldn't decide not to service your car just because the mechanic might discover wear while he's changing your oil and adjusting the brakes.

Chances are that no parts will be needed and you can go on using it for another 10 years. If there are issues then you can hunt up a donor movement when your watch guy tells you what it needs.

Since this is a special watch, perhaps you could find a cosmetically poor example now to serve as a donor for the future. Prices for these watches is only going to go up in the future.
I would ask your watchmaker to go ahead and service it. Inspection is the only way to find out if there is wear, then if necessary buy another 6139 for spares or ask for the parts on the SCTF as many of us have spares laying around apart from chronograph centre wheels and intermediate minute recording wheels.

Having your old 6139 cleaned and freshly lubricated is a better proposition for long life even if it retains some components with light wear.

As far as affordable automatic chronographs go the 6139 calibre is unique being created just before the rise of quartz and so was the beginning and end of this type of Seiko watch. Today you will need to spend around $2k to buy an automatic Seiko Chronograph. They do not have the same character.
Thanks to all of you for the input. I've been in touch with Spencer but I wasn't aware that he does servicing until just now. I'm going to talk further with him.
thats sooooooo cool that you still have that after all these years and not passed on to a son or other dude. i would treasure this and as far as getting service, this board has members that are very very well experienced in getting pro service and tracking down parts.

[email protected] will send you and link to his site which is a seiko parts and upgrade site

Thanks to all of you for the input. I've been in touch with Spencer but I wasn't aware that he does servicing until just now. I'm going to talk further with him.
Can't go wrong with Spencer. He did my Dad's 6139-6105 and it's dead on whenever I wear it.
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