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The WIS closet that is. Steve, a very good long time friend and dive buddy came out to Calgary last week with his wife. They crashed at my place for a few days before embarking on a Rocky Mountain tour on their Harleys through Alberta and British Columbia. I remembered that he used to wear a Seiko 6139-6002 aka "The Pogue" that his wife gave him as a graduation present a long time ago. Last year, when I was visiting friends back east, I noticed he was sporting a Seiko 6138-0011 aka "The Yachtman" but I didn't get the chance to quiz him about it. Fast forward to last Saturday when over a few spiced rum & cokes, I commented on his watch and he said that he was particularly fond of Seiko chronos. I had to laugh and told him that I had a similar affliction with Seikos and watches in general. When I showed him my collection, his jaw dropped and he immediately summoned his wife saying "look at this Deb....and you thought I had a problem!" We all had a good laugh. Since his "Yachtman" was on a pretty won out velcro strap I gave him a NATO to keep more secure while thumping down the road on his bike. It was quite comical sharing yet another common passion since neither of us have been diving much over the years. The icing on the cake during their visit was when Steve told me that the owner of the Harley Davidson dealership that had organized the bike tour used to be the Sales Manager & General Manager of Marketing for Seiko Canada! His name is Pat Jacox and I met him when I dropped my friends off to be reunited with their bikes and fellow riders. We had a great conversation and after saying our good-byes I got to thinking that perhaps I should get my motorcycle licence?

Here's a pic of our crew during one of our Empress of Ireland expeditions. I'm in the back with the Tilley and Steve's wearing the orange ear headset.

It was great to see Steve & Deb again!
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