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I have posted this watch a few times before, so my apologies in advance if you are getting bored with it.

I did a change which to me really brought the PMMM much closer to the MM in style and looks and that was trying one of Yobokies' glass inserts. It gives it the glossiness of the actual MM plus I have the knowledge it can be replaced if scratched or cracked with out having to get a whole new bezel. I like the submariner layout of the numbers which opens up the face an brings out the function of the chapter ring a tad more than the original skx insert I had on it.

The lume is on the mild side and if you are looking for impressive lume, this insert may let you down. I am more than willing to live with it. Would be cool if lume was better however.

While kind of hard to see in the below pictures, I had the bezel itself mildly sand blasted. This really gave the watch a better, more matured, look in my opinion. I thought I was kind of unique on getting this done on a PMMM but I went to Molle's website and he had the exact same thing done to his Ultimate PMMM:

So while I am not an innovator, I am certainly in good company. His has a 6309 style insert, which would be my second choice after Harold's glass.

Combine the de-blinged bezel with the new insert and all the previous work I have got done on this watch, I am pretty happy with the watch. If there were ever an easy to drop in higher beat Seiko movement than the 6r15(which it already has), I would consider it, but I think I am now pretty much at rest with the watch and it is time to wear it and enjoy it and move on to other WIS projects. As I have previously bragged about, this watch has a triple seal crown, and an OEM MM clasp, sapphire, wjean presidential etc etc etc..


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