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Yet another birth year thread

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Hello everyone!

First post/thread here, though I've been browsing the forums for a long time before actually joining.

I'll get straight to the point.
As the title suggests, I'm looking for a birth year watch. A 1980 one to be exact.
I have a few preferences, but at the same time I don't necessarily have to strictly follow them.
I hope this makes things easier for my search and not more complicated...

First of all, I'm in no hurry to find the watch. Half the fun is researching, talking with other people and learning things.
I see this as a small project with no deadline.

The brand: I'm more of a Citizen fan (my very small collection so far consists of 2 eco drives) but I wouldn't say no to a nice Seiko.
It's more about the visual appeal of the watch, rather than the name.

The style: Absolutely anything goes. Again, It's the design that matters to me and not so much if it's a diver, or a chrono, or even a dress.
But to give you a small idea about my taste, I really like those vintage citizen bullhead chronos (I believe they are much older than what I'm looking for)
and I don't like so much the 6309 seiko diver, which I unfortunately believe is the easiest answer to my search from what I've seen so far in here!
Any other suggestions in styles, models, brands etc are more than welcome.

The movement: You guessed it! I don't really mind. Maybe an auto would have a small advantage.

Lastly, any 1980's piece is more than good, but I'd like to further narrow it down, if possible, to April and May (my & wife's bday)

Sorry for the long post, I'm really excited to start my search and I hope you'll have some fun here with me!
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Could you narrow it down to an 80s year too?
Both Seiko and Citizen have a serial number and calibre number stamped on the back of the watch. If you see the can tell the year and month of production (so long as you know roughly the production decade of the particular calibre)
Eg. If a seiko had 7A48-7009 and 458965 on the case back
A quick look at the "Seiko Production date calculator" hosted on this site.

You can enter the 4 digit calibre eg 7A48 and 6 digit serial number 458965 and the calculator would spit out May 1984 for that particular watch.

So for a seiko. I would look at lots of watches and find something you like and plug the details into the production date calculator.

A hint is...for seikos the second digit of the serial number will be 4 - April or 5 - May so that should help. (The first digit is year...but not helpful unless you know when the calibre was made) but if you were chasing April or May 1983 for example.. a serial number of 34xxxx for April or 35xxxx for May would be something to chase. We can help with calibres made in the 80s like Automatics such as 6309, 7002, 7009 or quartz like 7123, 8123 H5xx and so many more.

For Citizen....serial number is sometimes longer than 6 digits and I am unaware of a calculator but the serial number uses same structure again....the first digit is year but the second AND third digits give you the month. So a serial number of 304xxxx would give you April 1983 and 305xxxx would give you May. (311xxxx would be November)
(This only works if you know the decade your watch was made)

Hope this isnt too techical.

Welcome to the forum love to see your current watches :)

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Oh I'm sorry, I thought the way I wrote it, it was clear :)
I'm looking for a 1980 year watch and not one made generally in the 1980 decade.

Great info on how to read the serials, thanks for the reply!
No worries
So a serial number with 04xxxx or 05xxxx for seiko

And 004xxxx or 005xxxx for citizen. Happy hunting :)

By the way for citizens I am talking about the string of 6 or seven digits not the one with the hyphen.
I also think citizen use same system as seiko if serial number is only 6 digits long. Sorry if that confuses but numbers changed somewhere in the 80s I believe depending on market.

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Any other ideas or suggestions for a model are more than welcome!
So far a model that really interest me is the Seiko 6139, so I'll try to hunt something down that suits my month/year criteria and if I don't have any luck I'll look into other models/brands.
As far as I know the 6139 were not produced in 1980

Sorry but they are a beautiful watch
Yeah they truly are beautiful.

Too bad they're not 1980 material. Maybe I'll take a small detour from my birth year quest just for the 6139 and then I'll get back on track!
Any excuse. :) any model is definitely a goer. Search here to make sure you get a real one not a watch full of cobbled together parts or aftermarket fakery.
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