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Yeeeesssssss, finally done it!!!!

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Ok guys first off many thanks to all on this forum that have answered all of my questions and helped me on all my quests so far, but this little project has been waiting to be done for months now, funds and spare time have been against me but but by bit I got all the parts and found enough time granted to me by the good lady wife.
Anyway the watch came from Ramon on eBay as a runs as is for £16 + P&P, the strap and dial and bezel came again from eBay from a seller in the phillipines, these were around another £15 + P&P, the chapel ring and hands from again eBay from kontrolsports in the USA, these were the biggest outlay at around £25.00, I did ask for cheaper postage but USPS first class tracked is all they do, but the service is great.
Well here's the first picture of the watch

The strap is the one from eBay as I have been wearing it as daily beater, generally losing or gaining around ten minutes a day, to be honest I'm not fussed that much, but now I've stripped and cleaned and lubed it will be interesting to see how it keeps time. I'm not one of these people that has to have it within 2 secs a day, jeez even Breitlings tolerances aren't that tight.

Back opened up and I have a pretty clean looking movement

Apart from stripping out the balance the first thing I do is start on the calendar side, in other movements I've struggled with tiny date springs but I love seiko movements, one big easy to find lump of shiney metal that is really easy to remove and more importantly fit. This side of the movement again looks in good nick.

Date wheel removed and still looking good

The business side now and it's my first proper time stripping down the auto winder system on a seiko, ok I'll be honest, apart from my ongoing 6105 project this is the first seiko I've actually stripped.

Barrel gone, click gone, bridge removed and auto wind system removed, just general dirt and grime throughout the movement but not a huge amount.

Last bit to come out for a clean

And here it is all in bits (apart from the auto wind system I done that later) all ready for cleaning

Old case and movement seperated

Old dial and new dial for comparison

So how did the work go, well quite straight forward to be honest, any dramas well I snapped a pivot off the pallet fork so a spare was put in its place, apart from that I had a bit of a mate in the final stages, after cleaning the auto wind system and rebuilding it, after realising that I had to remove the main bridge to out the little circlip back on, then disassemble it again so I could wind the barrel with a screw driver to get some power to the train. I think in the end I had the bridge off about 8 times.
Yep 8 times, I installed the balance and away it went so I started on the chapter ring bezel and case, well half way through I noticed the thing had stopped working, well I nudged the balance and it started but stopped again, I had a spare balance and fitted that, but knew in my heart that that wasn't the fault.
Again I removed the bridge and stripped out the train and re cleaned, well even though I had used a dust cover etc etc there was still fluff etc back in the movement, so after removing it all and refitting everything I gave it a nudge and away it went and kept going.
As for the case, well the bezel came off easy enough complete with crud, bezel insert removed and put in the spares box, I was looking for the crystal retaining ring but the case doesn't have one, so with a thumb from behind a gave the crystal a push and out it popped, chapter ring removed and new one installed then crystal washer and crystal back in place, happy days.
Back to the dial now, well I was by now five and a half hours into this build with out a break to speak of and was getting a tad tired but I couldn't stop haha, trying to place a dial back on whilst turning the movement around in your fingers with the rotor wanting to spin was getting on my nerves, I just couldn't get the dial pins to line up, I tried the old dial and it fitted first time, in the end I snipped off one of the dial feet.
Excitement was starting now with the finished product almost in sight, hands on and movement placed in case, just had to get them bloody plastic movement rings in place the right way round. Having managed that in went the stem and on went the back, a quick adjust of the time and date and put the strap on and................

Here she is, ok I know it's not an original mod I love it, bit of a super ocean abys homage in a way, wrong bezel insert but £40 for an inset is abit steep from yobokies.
Things still to do, realign the hands (slightly out) also set date wheel and time to the midnight change over.
Waterproof to 5 ATM so it's good for snorkelling etc, apart from that its done and I'm well happy.
Again thanks for all the answered questions that I have asked and I hope that I can help other members with their projects in the future.
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Sorry for someof the spelling there, bloody iphone doing its auto spell and me not noticing.
Nice. I'm rather partial to yellow in watches.
Hope I can pluck up the courage to service my watches one day then mod them.
Yes Sir, that's alright for your own doing. You did not give up and that is what it is about.
You did great and I am not really as guy for modding but I have to give you a lot of credit
for what I am looking at, you did just fine. Sometimes things have to be ironed out then
they come together. That's a fine looking watch and your effort payed off real good.
Many more to you for doing a good job.:sign0098::72:
Nice mod you have there and well done you.

Just a word of caution. If the crystal pushed in with thumb pressure it probably wont be sealing as it should, the crystal should need a press to be installed.
If you take it snorkeling it will end up in disaster.
You should also replace the stem seal and case back gasket.

My simple water resist test.
Take the movement out of the case and screw in the crown, refit the case back and immerse the empty case into a full bath of water for 1/2 hour then place the case under a desk light and see if the crystal mists up.
If all's good you can wear it in the bath/shower and maybe swim with it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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