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Another wet miserable bank holiday Monday here in the UK!! but what am i complaining for as every day is now a "Holiday" :) but it has given me time to do a little tidying up.

These pictures were taken in the rain so you may see rain drops on the cases.

When i was prototyping and setting up my TST project i gathered a few cases around me for testing my machining processes out, I totally scrapped a couple but a few like this were ok but i was not 100% happy with them so with the help of these and the likes my process continued to be improved until i was 110% happy :)

These work fine and i would rate them at 90% in my book, if i dident say anything you wouldent know they were not current production but i strive for perfection, even if perfection is never achieved it is better to continue to strive for it :)

The sealing faces are fine, the case tube and thread are fine.

The 6309-704X case has a current production stainless 316 shroud fitted and the 6309-7290 case has a black Acetal shroud fitted.

These come as pictured with the TST case and the shroud fitted.

Trade, I am looking for a superb and i mean superb :) 6105 dial and i am also looking for a 7549-7009 dial and handset, these are my main priorities but try me with your offer if you like :)

Pm/email if you want to know more, thanks.

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