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WTT: Some Casio for Hamilton Quartz's

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I have a few Casio here that I want to trade out...They are all in great condition, and the only blemish is on the Waveceptor , it has a very slight scratch on the glass.
The others could be sold 'as new' in that they all have boxes, papers and no visible sign of wear. I have loads more picture but figure its easier to mail them if you are interested.
I am looking for Hamilton Khaki quartz, white, grey, brown, black (not sure what colours they come in?), or Hamilton Khaki Auto....or any really quirky Casio.
I am in the UK and can do part exchanges but don't really want to spend any money.
I have been on this forum for quite a few years and am happy for you to check references...
<img src="" alt="IMG_1958"/>
<img src="" alt="DSCN4085"/>
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