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Hi Guys,

I have the following 3 super High-Tech watches:

The Attesa is similar to the well know Skyhawk AT, btu has the newer 680 movement, a dual AR coated Sapphire Crystal and an inner-rotating bezel. Not to mention a superior bracelet and clasp. I am the original owner. I have all boxes and papers. Condition +95% & trade value = 600-700$

The Silencer is simply spectacular, if you can find one! Has a tide graph, temperature reading, as well as all the regular bells and whistles. It is also radio-controlled, same as the Attesa. Oh and did I mention it VIBRATES! Yes, just like your cell phone. It has soilent alamrs and hour indication. Condition 95% & trade value = 175-200$

The Riseman is also an awesome watch. Twin sensors for barometric reading and an altimeter. It also tells the temperature. Like the Silencer, it has all the other functions of regular digital watches, alarms, timer and chrono. Unfortunately, this is not the radio-controlled version. Condition +95% & trader value = 75-100$

I am looking for a fun dive watch for the summer. Possibly an Oris TT1 diver, but with the new push-button clasp only. Mind you I am open to suggestion. TRY ME!!!
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