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So this Seiko 6217-8000 has been a regular wearer for me but the watch is still in excellent condition, it just doesn't get any wrist time any more as I just restored one and also picked up another all original one recently.

Obviously the dial on this one is after-market (it is the better one that is out there though..) and the current bezel insert is a trimmed down regular after-market 6309 one. The hands are original and in pretty decent shape with some aging and they have been relumed to match the purer white indices on the after-market dial. The movement (sorry about no picture but I can take one to prove what is in there if needed..) is an original 6217 that is in good running order,is clean, and keeps pretty good time and the date changes correctly either via the crown or at midnight. Crown is also original but has a ding in it above the S on the Seiko, I will include an after-market one should you choose to install it yourself. Crystal is original but has been well polished and has a very small mark on it between the 12 and 1 but it is not bad, you have to go looking for it to know it is there. Case is in nice shape but has been polished so the top edges arent totally crisp but are still nice, there are no dings or scratches. The caseback is quite worn but the whale is there and the watch dates to June 1967, there are a couple of small tool marks.

Overall this is a very wearable 6217 that keeps good time and has huge wrist presence. If you wanted to change the bezel insert I may know where you can get an original looking aftermarket one but the watch comes only with the one pictured. I need the fat bars for another watch so this is head only, no strap or spring bars.

I would prefer to trade this rather than sell and am always on the lookout for all original examples of early sports or rally divers or all original 6309-704X, 6105-8XXX etc.. I may also be tempted by a nice Bullhead or other rare or unusual early chronos (originality key..)

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Re: WTT: 6217-8000

This one has been traded through SCWF. Thanks !!!
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