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Hi there,

I got this piece which I bought it from Loyswatch 2 years ago in my first quest for the original Scubapro 450. I have 3 pieces of this can you imagine all from Loyswatch.

Finally I got my one genuine Scubapro 450 and all in all I have 12 pieces of various 6306/6309.

Since I have no wrist time for this piece I would like this piece to go to a new owner.

The fact about this watch:-

1) Case and caseback: Original 6306-7001 with serial number 6D3079 (December 1976 production, perhaps the first batch of 6306-7001 as mostly are 6306-7000 for the year 1976)

2) Crown: Original screw in with 3.5 good turn and it hacks as in the original feature

3) Bezel and bezel insert: Replaced with generic AM type. This come with the watch when it was delivered to me by Loyswatch. (Loyswatch has been credited with good craftsmanship by this forum)

4) Movement: Original

5) Dial: TAKE NOTE THIS IS NOT AN ORIGINAL SCUBAPRO 450 DIAL. Its a repainted dial of Scubapro 450 by Loyswatch.

6) Hands: Original and relumed by Loyswatch.

7) Bracelet: Seiko sign, Yobokies Hammer bracelet can fit up to 8 inches wrist size.

8) Crystal glass: Comes in the same from Loyswatch a dome crystal.

This piece when bought was guaranteed by Loyswatch for 4 months against any defect and passed the water resistant test.

Since 2 years I bought this piece I hardly wear and I have send it to the watchmaker to change all gasket, overhaul and test water resistant for my assurance. It passed the 10 bar water resistant test. In addition its accuracy is further regulated to work within +-5 seconds/ day.

This piece is highly recommended to those who just venture into the collection of vintage watches as you don't have to worry about the condition and accuracy.

For this I will guarantee the working condition for a month after you have received the watch.

I would like to sell this piece for USD700 + USD50 (for international tracking shipping) and USD33 (paypal fees)

Interested PM me or email to me at [email protected]

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