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WTF: WithDrawn

I have had this Citizens Aqualand Promaster ( C506 Duplex watch or similar), for some time and needs a new
movement section and also a used case back if any. Just the movement to drop into it and back case
and it be running. Will try and meet your price range.
If it is running better yet, then I just drop it in. A price for one would be really great to know about
if any around, cant find a used .... " Watch Head " yet.

Even a second watch head if not needed. I want to give it to a Disabled Marine I met here back from
Tour in Afghanistan. He is a single guy but has a girl friend and a very pretty one too. He lost his
old G-Shock so I want to replace one for him. He is going to stay here so I will be in touch with him a lot.
Girl Friend is from here also, a Japanese girl.
She says .... " POP's ,I just can't carry him ", I said no need to we do for you and him.
He got a nice Van.

We donated for him:
I got couple (Gadget guy's), together some Electric guy's and I setup and Welded and Fabricated a
Aluminum excess Ramp and we converted the Van for him to get in and out with the chair.
I said we do this because (Uncle Sam), might take forever, not to give you one and you will have
this one to use.
Welding Shop friend donated the Metal, Electrician Friend donated the wiring supplies.
Man it made things easier for him now.
Thank you and Aloha
Picture of type needed posted


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