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WTB: Would someone have on of these .....

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Aloha all, I am looking for a part to finish my watch.
Ok, I know it will be hard to get. This is a ( Original Dial for it too. )
Its for a original ..." Westclox Vietnam , plastic case watch and its
a real one. ( This one is from ....... Nov. 1972 )
Dial measures across: 28mm ..../ case lip inside is ... 30mm

( This Plain dial no name on it except like this is the one. )
( For now no original, so the watch has to wait for it. )
The Original Dial and Hands :
Has only the ........ ( 12:00 Luminated ) none other number is like that.
Original hands are .......... " Lumed " also.
Also the ...... Tracking Hand is the only Lumed hand in the watch,
( Is "Lumed Tiped " too. ( Picture's Illustrating )
I got this from from a Fine Gentleman, that was a real benefit to my looking around for it.
I have a .... Movement, Case, looking for those ..... Hands and Dial more.
I'll really try to meet your price's if at all possible.

Any findings is very appreciated. Thank you very much for your time to
to read the posting.
Aloha LongBike


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