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WTB: Vintage 1960's Seikos WHY?

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I'm happy with my 1970's Seiko collection but am thinking I would really like to get some nice 1960's vintage Seikos in my watch draw. Just pm me with what you have to offer but the sort of things I am looking for would be Weekdaters with the full name of the day and the 30m proof on the dial. Nice 1960's dress watches such as Pollyc keeps wearing daily. Those sort of watches :) Single button chrono wouldn't go a miss either! Only looking to but super nice condition watches.
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This sort of thing would do just dandy!

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I'm in the mood for some vintage love baby! Cumooon folks flog me your old Seiko kettles!
one of these would be just pukker. I'd go to $100 for a setup like this!

Disclaimer: Sorry Mr Tiger John sir.....
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Bumping again... Nobody got anything they want to flog me?
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