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Many of you have bought a watch from me whether it being a Seiko or some other marque through the years, now I'd like to buy from one of you.

I'm sure that one of you guys has a Seiko SKXA 33 in the back of your drawer. Probably you got tired of it because the integrated bracelet stymied your love of strap changing. You never got around to selling it.

Well, I want one. The bracelet doesn't bother me, and I seem to be going back along Memory Lane re-acquiring old favorites. I can buy new for the low 200s, but I thought I'd try for a previously loved one first, and where else would I go to buy a used Seiko? Really, . . . now.

I'd like one in at least 90% condition (just desk swirls acquired before you got your next Seiko), all links, clean crystal, and I don't care about box, papers, or useless warranty cards. I know the movement, unadjusted, runs a bit fast, so as long as it is not ridiculously in need of a trip to the Seiko AD, I'd be interested.

Send me photos and asking price, and we'll get together on it.

My address is: [email protected] and I have plenty of references. Always Paypal ready and I'm on Long Island here in New York.
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