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My ex-wife bought me this watch in 1983 and three years later I lost it while wakeboarding... Dumb, I know. Worst part is I knew exactly where it is on the lake, just couldn't get to it. 30 metres down on Lake Joseph in Muskoka.

Skip ahead 20 years and I had found a replacement that I wore for a couple of years and gave to my oldest on his 21st birthday. Year before last he wore it in a hot tub, moisture got inside and he put it away without telling me. Rusted, battery leaked, seized. My youngest son now has the watch with a different, gold faced 7a28 chronograph mechanism in it but, I would like to find another to give back to the eldest.

The ex spent an entire months salary on it when she bought it and the model of the watch has sentimental value to me because of that. The generosity was a story I told the kids many times and when the oldest trashed it, he was rather upset. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I saw that red2ndhand had one for sale but I can't, as a new member communicate with anybody directly.

I'm looking to spend $200 to $300 on a replacement as the sentimental value does not outweigh the realistic value and I am patient enough to wait for a watch at fair value.

Let me know, I'm in Toronto, Canada. I have plenty of positive feedback on ebay as a buyer and canuckaudiomart as both buyer/seller.



ps - the picture wouldn't upload because I don't have 5 or more posts...... ridiculous.
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