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WTB: Seiko Age of Discovery series

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Hello everyone,

It will be my first post on this forum, so I hope you can help out.
I've started collecting Seiko's this year and got me a small collection of new limited editions Astrons, Ananta, Sportura and Premier seiko's, but I was looking for some good seiko's that have a kind of a classic look to them. Then I stumbled on the Age of Discovery series from Seiko and thought to myself, these I need to have. But as I'm still a rookie at collecting and don't have much information about this series I hope the members here could help out.

Also, If anyone of you have some of the Age of Discovery watches for sale, in good condition, please let me know.
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Thanks to Alex for contacting me about the interesting Age of Discovery seller. Contacted him.

If someone else has a link to where I can go get one from these series or knows someone, please contact me.
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