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Hey folks! I'm looking around to buy a Seiko 5 Spot 6119-8120 or 6119-8121. It's a diver sports watch with a WR of 70m, and was produced around the late '60s-'70s or so - someone more knowledgeable can correct me if I'm wrong.

Watch needs to be in working order without issues. Aesthetically, I prefer the black dial/black bezel version, but would also be okay with any other colors. Doesn't matter if it's just the head, on a bracelet, or a string of hemp rope =)

Isthmus, Russie, and Watchbear-71 each have (or had) either the 6119-8120 or 6119-8121. Here is what it should look like (first photo borrowed from Watchbear-71):

I have a reference from when I recently purchased RiddimDriven's Seiko Orange Monster, and have an eBay account as further assurance.

Please PM or email me if you have this timepiece or know of someone who would like to sell theirs - I would be happy to discuss reasonable offers.

Thanks so much!
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