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As I posted last week I got some parts for my Vietnam Watch in a
Zip Lock Bag. Now there are Six (6) movements in there all apart,
but only two turned out to be ....... (Seiko D-407 movements.)
The others are some kind of ( Everbrite Movements ) and are not compatible. Don't really know what they are, but they are really
clean and nice. (" 17 Jewel ")
So Parts searching again for at least Two (2) more Seiko D-407's or
equal to them. The main parts I am needing is ( at Least two ....
( Balance Wheels, for now, and Two Crowns and Stems if possible.)
The rest can be cleaned and salvaged I would say looking at them.
But I still need those ....... ( Two Balance wheels for the Seiko D-407's or
equal to them. )
They do not have to be complete, but have those Balance Wheels on them.
If anyone has them please let me know and I will try to meet your prices.
So as to get them done and move on.
Thank you very much for any replies back


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