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WTB - 6105-8000 crown

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The one with the seiko logo on it. The stem is not required but if you have both that's fine.

Thanks -

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Bump. still looking, no one has one of these that they want to sell, huh?
Still looking, who's got an original they'll never use?
missed out on the one that was for sale here, still looking..
As before, not a single one to be had anywhere. Got one you won't be needing? Let me know.
I know everyone is hoarding these because you heard that they will be worth more than gold when the world economy collapses, but trust me, only guns and gold will get you through the chaos caused by the financial implosion.

So now that you know this, unload that original 6105-8000 crown/stem so my project can get back to having original parts...

1 - 7 of 7 Posts