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Something new today and one that has become a very special watch for me. A while back fellow forum member, and resident of the east coast of Scotland, Edinburger put up a WTB for 6309 slim case parts for an ongoing project he was working on. I had a couple of watches down the bottom of a box that I'd always had a plan to do something with but never got round to it so I passed them on to Keith to use for spares. In conversation I had mentioned to Keith that I had a real soft spot for one of the watches. It was beat to hell, but every time you picked it up it started ticking. Keith very very kindly offered " as he needed the practice " to service the watch for me and return it. He even offered to fit some better hands and dial but I kinda wanted to keep it the way it was so he said he'd see if he could clean them up a bit. In-between his very busy day job Keith sent me regular updates and yesterday popped up to Perth to meet me and return the watch. Not only had Keith cleaned and serviced the movement, fitted a new crystal and gaskets all round, cleaned up the old hands and dial he'd gone to the trouble of getting, from VTA in Australia, the bits he needed to add 2 extra jewels to the mainspring Arbor. He'd read up on the mod and decided it was something that needed doing.... So I now have a 19 Jewel 6309 .
I had been keeping an old Jubilee bracelet for just the right watch and now it's fitted it's perfect.
Many Thanks to Keith for a huge kindness..and if you've any technical questions you know where to find him View attachment 449884 View attachment 449885
What a great story!
Good on ya, Keith!

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21 - 39 of 39 Posts