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Wearing my Military Bulova in tribute to those on the Vietnam Wall during my time. In honor of them all, this poem specifically dedicated for my friend, Karl:


Remember me etched on The Wall,
My name in black granite stone.
Feeling your loving touch,
Yearning memories returning home.
Remember me sharing your life,
For within your heart I'm not alone.
Honor and Duty were my calling,
Immortal destiny a soldier's sacrifice.
Remember me smiling for I have known,
Love of Mom, Dad, sister, friends and wife.
Blessed with two precious daughters of my own,
A new father's love celebrating miracles of life.
Remember me proudly doing my best,
For family, friends and country.
Sacred oaths and commitments kept,
Badges of honor laid to rest.​
Remember me living a life so true,
Blessed with loving friends and family.
A journey walked with each of you,
Soaring now with Angels for all eternity.
Artistry by Thian Wong:

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Something military'ish of course ;D God bless all those and their families and friends who served for our earthly freedoms rock on soldiers!

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