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Very nice John, I do like those old Smiths watches, and some of them command big price tags, I've been toying with something like that, but can't decide whether to go for a vintage or an updated new one (Timefactors), or something like a Presage, too many choices not enough money.

Nice watch sir.
Cheers Mark it's in a 9ct gold case the wife bought it as a surprise birthday present, didn't know much about Smith's but after doing some research I realised it should have a second hand so I'm still searching for the correct one but I think they are like rocking horse s**t

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Will you stop wearing that one please;) Everytime i see it i want to buy one !!! Thank you Vyn.:rolleyes::grin::grin::grin:
Swapped out the canvas strap for leather. That may be a mistake given the heat, but then again, as damp and humid as it鈥檚 been lately, the canvas may very well have rotted off my wrist by the end of the day. So perhaps it鈥檚 a stroke of brilliance?

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WRUW 鈥淪CWF on Thursday 20th June 2019

I think this one needs to go to the coast with me:

I am going to try to pack light: STO Sammy, SPB053, 鈥淥range boy鈥, and Bumblebee. Possibly the Blue Angels chrono, too, which, surprisingly, has a WR rating of 200M.

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61 - 80 of 87 Posts