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I recently picked up a SNK805 from a forum, here are my initial impressions on it.*

NOTE: The watch being reviewed here is the SNK805 (with a green dial), but the same notes would apply to the SNK803 (sand), SNK807(blue), and SNK809 (black)


38 mm without crown
18 mm lug width
Water Resistance: 30 M
Movement- 7s26C
Serial Number 108019- October 2011*

This is my second watch from this series, as I also have a SNK809. However, this is my first review of this forum favorite, as I modified the first one before joining this forum.*

This is the "pilots style" seiko 5 in the olive green color. It has the 7s26c movement with the white day/date wheel. A matte stainless steel case completes the military inspired look.*
It has a display back that allows you to see the "workhorse movement" of the seiko stable in action.
The watch is a very modest sized 38mm, it feels very light on the wrist, which is a bit of a relief if you're used to wearing a heavy dive watch all the time.
The SNK805 is rated as water resistant to 30M, which makes it suitable for everyday tasks (small splashes, washing hands, being caught in the rain). I have read reports of people swimming with this watch on, but that is not recommended.*

Lume Check

As you can see, there is very limited lume on this watch, only the hands and 12 small dots around the dial. The lume that is there is quite bright though.*


Setting the time and date is fairly straightforward.* the 7s26 movement is 'non hacking' (meaning the seconds hand does not stop during time setting); however it is possible to 'back hack' the seconds hand by applying a bit of reverse pressure on the crown.
NOTE:* There is some debate if back hacking can damage the movement or not, I'd suggest doing some research before deciding to back hack your watch.*

Officially, the specs on the 7s26c are +45/-35 s/day.* Most folks report much better performance than that out of the box.*This watch was no exception, holding about +12 seconds a day.

There have been volumes written on the history, production, and performance of the Seiko 7s26 movement, it is all quite fascinating I encourage you to take a look around.*
Perhaps some of the forum regulars would share their knowledge as well.*

Daily wear
The Military style dial lends itself perfectly to more casual environments, it works great with just about everything short of a suit. As mentioned previously, it is not recommended to take this watch swimming, so I would avoid wearing this watch with a swim suit as well.*

* The price!! these can be found brand new for less than $60 USD on amazon.(May 2014)
* Though the 7s26 does not have the premium finish you would see on high end swiss movements, the display back is a nice touch to catch a glimpse of the watch at work.
* The design of the dial is quite nice.*

* The strap is not the most comfortable one I've worn - and the edges seem to fray a bit quickly.*


Coming in at under $60 USD, this watch is an incredible value.* I would not hesitate to recommend this watch to someone looking to get started in automatic watches.



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