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Would you consider this a lume job worthy of a professional ? >>

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He does, I don't...what do you think?I especially like what he did with the hands....not

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was it a kindergarden kid that did this?
wow! thats just awful. I'd be extremely angry if a professional returned my watch in that state.
It looks like Tippex applied by a blind man with a 6 inch brush, that is bloody awful.

Name and shame the guy, so others can give him a miss if they need lume work done.
He's only a professional if people pay him money for that kind of stuff. If I were you, I wouldn't contribute to his "professionalism"! :))
Time said:
was it a kindergarden kid that did this?
LOL! :))
If it was done by a then budding Mr. Pablo Picasso, it would be better that a professional lume job! It'll be a work of art! That Waltham would cost a million bucks at least! :))
Perhaps the question is, "professional what?"

Certainly not a watchmaker.

It's possible the man has Parkinson's. But in that case, he should retire, for medical reasons, from his "profession". JMHO.
I dont see the problem, it looks nicely aged...
Oh my God.
Whilst my lume skills are not yet at the stage where I'll take on paid work my first attempt was so much
better than that. Someone actually took money for that mess? ::)

well, at least it will light up like a christmas tree :))
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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