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hey guys, still sorta a new guy here but trying to learn all i can. the pictures of the watch below is part of a collection i bought at a bank auction and was in the same lot as the 6105 that was just recently stolen from me. anyways, i did some research and this 6619-8230 was a 1967 model and seems to be in decent-good condition.

i sent this off to coserv when i got it in 2008 before i had found this forum. well it came back and it said service $80 and also needs a gasket and band(if you look its a hong kong band and a paperclip has replaced one of the missing steel pins on the clasp portion). well at that time i declined and they shipped it back to me. well looking at it more closely tonight, it needs the crystal polished since micro scratches(no deep or cracks), the minute hand could use a relum with the rest of them, the minute hand has some of the lum erroded off and shows black underneath and the rest of the hour markings on the angled inner bevel do not glow. and the only real mechanical thing i can see with it is the day will not change when you roll the stem but the date will change if you click it in. what type of money would be invested in doing this type of stuff and is the watch worth that investment.

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