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Stainless steel bezel with black and red paint

Condition is perfect as far as I can tell; no marks or defects visible. Call it MINT.

Refresh the look of your watch or buy this one as a spare for future replacement!

SHC033, SHC043, SHC041, SHC051, SHC039
SKJ001, SKJ003, and any other SKJ diver

Here is a post from the old SCWF with more detail on fitting/swapping this bezel.

Asking $20 Withdrawn
- USA and Canada only, please

E-mail: stumpbass {at}


This bezel ships to USA or Canada from Florida for FREE. Payment accepted via PayPal only. PM or
e-mail me at stumpbass {at} if you're interested!

-- I will only ship within the USA.
-- I will eat all shipping costs and PayPal fees - the price we agree upon is the only amount you'll pay.
-- I will ship to the address on file with PayPal only.

I am PayPal verified. Forum references available on request. For other references, please
check me out on eBay. My handle is stumpbass1 and my current rep is 100% positive
feedback (121).

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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