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Well I got this in a parts lot
I need Seiko 6139 600x parts
to finish this 6139 6002 silver dialed i am working on
This 21 jewel 6139a parts movement i got like it is
so i know absolutely nothing about it
I know these is quite hard to find
and valuable with the kanji wheel
so i am hoping to be able to trade for the items i need
with little or no expense
if you prefer to just buy this make me a offer
i am more than willing to work with anyone

All I am looking for 6139 600x parts if you prefer a trade
I am looking for
I will work with you on a trade for some or all of these parts you have
i prefer used parts but of course will consider brand new one
a set of genuine 4pc 6139-600x hands
a set of genuine Seiko 6139-600x pushers and springs
the correct under dial spacer for the 6139-600x
and metal movement spacer under caseback that hold the pushers inside
and a complete 6139 600x crown/stem/gear and spring assy ....
i would like it all together but will consider parts that are genuine too
All I ask is for Genuine non damaged OEM parts

This 6139a 21 jewel movement is NOT Complete
I am not sure what it missing
the small metal wire for the chrono levers is missing
and the chrono wheel is not there and not sure what else
I also see some screws missing
Please assume this is a parts movement and if it needs just a few parts great
If it is just a parts movement
It is what it is
I do not want hard feelings
i have NOT taken this apart and really did not want too but can upon request
Check out all the pics and please ask questions
Pm me with any questions and concerns
Stay safe out there
God Bless,John
Here are some pics

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