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Well, just got the 6105 back from Duncan, quite a transformation, luckily the dial wasn't affected by the rusty deposits and its cleaned up nicely ......
The internals were stripped down and thanks to Tigers donated movement the seized hour wheel and canon pinion that caused the rust were separated and replaced.

He also drilled out and replaced the Seiko logo as the original was tarnished...Skills!

The finished article.... Obviously it was never going to be perfect, but its very presentable indeed, looks better in real life than in the photos, Im lucky to have a awesome 6105 already so to have a 'beater' version I can wear with no worries is great, and even with all the work it has been a quite inexpensive watch all in all...

All photos are Duncans...... Many thanks again Duncan a great result...
Very nice. And thanks for all the great info and walking us through the job. Great outcome/ sweet watch!
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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