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Why only Spring Drive Grand Seiko chronographs and Oyster bracelets?

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Considering that they make normal quartz (non-chronograph) Grand Seikos,

both Spring Drive and automatic Ananta chronographs (nice, vertical clutch movement),

Flightmaster and Brightz automatic chronographs, with and without power reserves (ditto re movements),

Normal quartz and kinetic chronographs in cheaper ranges,

I wonder why they don't broaden the GS range of engines? Perhaps they will do so, now that more GS shops are to open at various locations around the world, this year.

I would certainly like to see a simple dial, tasteful, large(ish), automatic GS chrono, with inter-changeable bracelet/leather, similar to the Brightz range, perhaps?

(They could do a new bull head case and even add a moonphase, a la 7A48 (as long as it has a real moon or a disc, NOT a smiley man-in-the-moon face like the new Breitling Fifty Fathoms shown at Basel) - now that would certainly be exclusive.

The sub-dials must be legible enough for the older eyes which can afford them, LOL.

I'm afraid the current crop of Spring Drive chronos are just a bit too 'busy', for my taste.

Also, wouldn't it be nice to see some new bracelet designs - I love the 'Oyster'-type, but a bit more variety here wouldn't go amiss, either.... actually there are nice GS 'beads of rice' bracelets, but few and far between (couple of hand-wind only models?)...
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