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Why is saturday on Seiko day date watches blue?

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Hello everybody,

I'm new here and want to solve a problem, which couldn't be solved on a German watch forum. Why have almost all Seiko day date watches a blue saturday? Who knows it?

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I don't believe there is a deep/historical reason behind it. Red for Sunday is somewhat common (beyond Seiko) and blue for Saturday is likely just another contrast against the weekdays. The lighter tone of blue used always reminds me of a "fun"/energetic color which is relevant for Saturday.

One thing I've never understood is why the color combinations are not adjusted for those with Arabic alternate dials as these are intended for those in Islamic countries where the weekend in Fri-Sat.
So you would know its the weekend.....
No in Japan Sunday wasn't a working day so they put it in red than later on it because blue for Saturday because they started to not have to work on a Saturday it's to show holidays preety much
Things that make you go hmmm🤔. I also had wondered about this but didn’t lose sleep over it 😂. I do like the use of color to differentiate between other days of the week.
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