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Postman just brought me another Present :)
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Its the SSC017 Solar Diver. I have appreciated these since they were released. I like the applied markers and depth to the dials.
There is a surprising amount of heft to these watches and they are bigger than the SKX range of divers like my 173
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Water resistance is also a plus as I can wear one anywhere.

Bracelet feels heavy and solid, though hollow end links are loose :(

Now to look for a manual as the minute register is off or am I Just OCD.... (any ideas?)

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I'm really starting to dig the Solar chronos too.
That's one fine looking watch and that blue really pops :)

What's the lume like ?.
( Monster or just ok )

+1 on the minute register being off.
That would really bug me.
Hopefully there's a zero hands procedure in the manual.

Thanks for sharing

Kind Regards

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