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Who has SARB 065 Pics?

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I want to see that model in action. I was supposed to buy it and switched my order a while back. Now I think I may need that one. My new problem is I only want to buy watches I won't need to flip. I think my small collection needs a modern dress watch for those occasions I tire of wearing a diver or a G Shock CF... It's 500USD for this 065 model, and I know it won't be around forever. I think i'm back to coming close to ordering it before it's too late. Whadyu guys think of that model?
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I like it and find the sunburst patterned blue dial to be striking....

My only complaint about it is the case thickness that is pretty tall for a classic dress watch.

Otherwise I would think it is a solid buy. Go for it!
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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