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Who are the three amigos?

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I like to window shop so...

Is one of them...?
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Yes, and....

I have only dealt with Higuchi (Katsu-San) and have nothing but words of praise for his excellent product, service and price.
And I've only dealt with Chino - top quality service.
I've bought two watches from Katsu (Higuchi) because of lower price and great service: it's a gentleman. Very good: feeling, contact, price, deal, invoice,tracking & feed-back. Both watch by EMS, received in France in 5/6 days. Very bad: I don't speak any write japanese and my english is very poor!! ;)
Higuchi is absolutely fantastic and his prices have been lower in comparison to the other two.

One prior inquiry with Chino left a bad taste in my mouth. Not saying they are bad but they do tend to be "snotty" and have the "big city" attitude.

Higuchi seems to have a very relaxed, easy going, demeanor. A true gentleman. I guess since he leaves in a small town far from Tokyo, he has not been taken by the attitude of the Tokyo based dealer above.

I have never bought from Seiya (Sorry he is expensive most of the time) but my few email exchanges with him have been very pleasant. Only instance were I would buy from him is that if Seiya has a watch that the other two can't source.
I have bought from Seiya and Chino. Both were top notch!

I have also communicated with Higuchi and had a pleasant experience with them, although I have not bought from them.
I like some watches on Seiya... actually, I like a lot of watches on all three sites but two on Seiya are (cough... almost) affordable by me.

Just got two watches in today; a Seiko and Citizen. I really love them both.

So maybe in a couple of weeks I might pick this up...

Thanks for the replies! Y'all are seriously into watches. 8)
Seiya came in 102 dollars cheaper for the SBBN017 a month ago for me. Thats all I know. I will try Higuchi again, but price wins in my book.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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