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i did a mod recently with my white BFS dial that was lying in my spare parts box.

chose to get a beat up skx023j case as the base

after some clean up with the good ol' wet-n-dry and autosol, it looked quite presentable :)

with a 7s26 movt from my never worn seiko 5, on went the BFS dial and the sumo hands (thanks Rob!)

now all it needs is an aftermarket bezel.
the aftermarket bezel was thinner than the original, so I had to sand down the bezel lip a little so the edges aren't so sharp.
other than that, it fits just fine!

throw on a new 20mm silicone tropic styled strap and some background for those glamor shot :))

Lastly... BFS dial and Sumo hands means one thing: Serious LUME!

hope you liked my new 'desk' diver... ;)

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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