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Which watch do you think is more comfortable? Seiko 6309-7040 or Seiko 6105-8010?

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I have two Seiko 6309-7040's which feel more comfortable on my wrist than my modern Seiko 7S26 divers and a 6309-7290 I used to own. The crown pokes the back of my hand especially on a bracelet.

I don't have the funds to buy a Seiko 6105-8010 without trying it on for size/feel. I like the look, but if it does not feel right, I would hate to flip it for a loss. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone that has one and I can't find a showroom that has them for me to try on.;-(

So I am asking you members that have worn both. Which watch do you think is more comfortable? Seiko 6309-7040/49 or Seiko 6105-8010?

Thanks for the help.
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Imo the 6105 wears great or at least it does for me, the 6309 also wears great but if I had to make the choice then the 6105-811X gets my vote.

Ps: I really like the look etc about the 6105-800X but just does not wear well for me.
I know what you mean Bluebellmatic. Bought a 6105 8010, and just couldn't get on with it, wasn't a fan of the crown set up or how it wore, so flipped it for less than I'd paid for it. Though it is a watch that seems to be up there in terms of collectability, I find that the 6309-7040/9 is easier to wear, parts are more readily available, and ever so slightly cheaper to buy. I'd try and wear a 6105 before purchasing one. Saying that, I like how the 6105 looks. Hope that makes sense.
Regards, David
Had the 6105 cuz everyone else had it hahaha! Held if for several years but decided to sell it. Kept the 6309 Hybrid and 6306 which wore much nicer on the wrist. Then bought a JakeB TyphoonT2 (homage to 6105) with sword hands and that filled the '6105' slot hehhe!

wrist 3 by blingmeister, on Flickr

profile view by blingmeister, on Flickr
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No question the 6105, but it's all down to your Personel choice.
Thanks for the replies. I think I'll stick with my 6309-7040's for now. I guess it is my addiction trying to get me to buy the 6105-801? They do look good. Obviously if I come across a 6105 deal I'll snatch it up!
Hands down 6105, i own both.. Something about the sleek low profile just sits beautiful. The way the crown is tucked in masterful.
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