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Lately I’ve been making myself crazy (not a difficult task, I admit). The source of frustration is trying to figure out which chronograph pushers fit which case. In some instances — UFO pushers, for example — the design itself is fairly distinctive. But there seem to be other varieties that are similar, but different sizes.

The casing guide lists which pushers are correct for which case, but that doesn’t help when you’ve got a batch of unlabeled pushers and you’re trying to determine which ones they might be.

Is there any published resource that gives the approximate dimensions for the various part numbers?

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Here you go Brian, run down of the various 6139- pusher buttons:

Pusher Part Number: 8061-0149
6139-600X, -6032, -7002, 7020, more I imagine.
Dim. A = 5.00 mm
overall length 10.75 mm
longest button top

Pusher Part Number: 8061-0169
6139-601X, -6040, -7069, -7070, -7080, -8002, -8030, maybe more
Dim. A = 4.00 mm
overall length 9.7-9.9 mm (seems to vary a bit)
medium length button top

Pusher Part Number: 8061-0249
6139-8040, -8050, maybe others
Dim. A = 3.4 mm
overall length 8.7 mm
Shortest button top


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