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Where DO you get your vintage watches from?

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Just curious where everyone hunts for their vintage pieces

For me, it's always been that evil auction site (sooooo hit and miss), and the forum here
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Us old buggers have been known to buy them new. ;)
There are a few local auction sites who sell lots from pawn shops, trawling the bay of course, and they have a differently labelled swedish branch as well. I'd say that one is still a pretty OK hunting ground! Picked up a 6105 some months ago "that needed battery replacement". Car boot sales are pure crap up here though ... :-(
E bay, I also have a local mate who is a jeweller, he gave up his store a while ago, he has now opened another, he gets quite a few for me too look at and decide if they are my 'cup of char'
Just the bay for me, I managed to pick up a seiko analogue digital (totally forgotten the model number noe apart from its a H something haha) from a charity shop the other week for £9.00 so that was a deal, boot fairs are crap here aswell.
I'd love to know where ramon from the bay gets his seemingly endless supply of old seikos from though.
Most of my Seikos are from Yahoo Auctions Japan, with a few gems fished out of the muck in the bay.

I also hawk WatchRecon, with alerts set up for whatever I'm angling for at the moment.
Another vote for pawn shops. Big problem is that a lot of times they list waayy too high of a price, but negotiation and 'cash in hand' helps a lot.
Antique, charity and second hand shops in country towns can be good. Overall it's getting harder though.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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