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where are the good examples of 4205 divers

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i have been searching for ages for a couple of excellent examples of these and they just dont seem to exist. it seems that 6105s, 6309s are more abundant in good condition (stress in good condition).

can you pls show some good ones if they actually exist?
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that would be great, thanks
very nice thanks
new about mid size but didnt know there was a small....or an orange version - just black and pepsi
yes...all shite thats been cobbled together.
thats why i am surprised that there are so few good ones.
i dont think its actually available

where on earth did those model numbers come from to me
Yurp, if one were to search for a model number - instead of the case code.:)
SUG089 small SUG099 mid

so if the SUGs are the model number and 4205 is the case the other watches we all know and love have model numbers?

eg 6309, 6306, 6105 etc etc

sorry to push the point, but i am just surprised that i have somehow missed this bit of info ie i always thought the case codes we used were model numbers
thanks , good link
1 - 7 of 17 Posts
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