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When you put stuff away in a safe place and can't find it :(

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I have a Crafterblue strap with a MM300 clasp fitted which I have used on my SBDX001 and my 6159-7000 which I find works really well.

When I retired the 6159 I removed the strap and fitted a Uncle Seiko strap to it and put the Crafterblue away safely.

Since the embarrassing disaster with my Snowflake :( I have been wearing the SBDX001 on its bracelet, all good but I fancied going back to the Crafterblue set up as it works really well IMO but could I find it ? no !! I have hunted here there and most places with no luck, not really important but it was becoming a quest and beginning to get to me, after taking Arlo for a pee in the middle of the night last night I lay there thinking about it and came up with another couple of special places which I checked in the morning but no I couldent find it :(

This afternoon I sold a watch on another forum and nipped up the attic to get a box and while there I checked in the box of the SBDX012 and there it was, quite a ramble but it did feel good to find it before I went crazy :)

I swapped the bracelet and strap over and while doing it the spring bar at the clasp fell in half scary really that our watches are held on by the cheapest component of our watch.

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All's well that ends well. Who hasn't lost something that they put away in a safe place ?

Funny story, my parents once misplaced their fine dinner silver when they went on a vacation. There was a rash of burglaries going on where the theives were only taking silverware for the melt value. So after they got back home they couldn't remember where the heck it was, then stumbled upon it a few months later. Imagine the pure tragedy of having to eat with stainless steel utensils.........

Back on track, I like my MM300 on a black CrafterBlue strap with spare MM300 clasp too, but I have been smitten by the OEM bracelet of late. Nice to switch back and forth.
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