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When Is a Smartwatch…

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"Glance is a smart accessory that tells you who is calling, helps you find your phone, enables motion control and activity tracking."

My I phone tells me who is calling, although the tax man has got wise to it and uses different numbers, if i loose my I phone i just dial my number on the land line and track it down as it rings, or use GPS to find it. I have no problems with my motions, i'm old but havn't got to that stage yet. Mrs Biggin tracks my activities 24/7.
So what does this device do that's new, apart from slip under your watch strap??
Living in the north, I'm thinking it might be handy in the winter when my phone is buried under 3 layers of clothing. Also, the fewer times I have to fish my phone out of my pocket, the fewer chances I have to drop it.
Actually I like the concept. Hope it takes off. Won't be a kickstarter myself though.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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