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What strap is this ?

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I was looking for an original strap for my 6306 and this one turned up i=on the Japanese auctions. It looks like late 70s/early 80s packaging but I do not know enough about diver straps to tell the difference between them. Is this a 6306/09 strap ?

/ martin

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Looks identical to the strap that came on my orange Ti Sammie. One qualifier - I bought the watch used from Noah, and I can't say for certain that Noah hadn't taken the strap off another watch and installed it on my watch for the sale. I've got a "boil curve" in it now and wear it on my Citizen 800 (Sacrilege! A Seiko strap on a Citizen! :)) ). Very comfy...
It is not for that diver yuo want. That diver needs a different buckle:

And a flat bvented strap.

The one you have there is the ZTA05J, 22mm flat vented and a brushed buckle that is modern.
Before, the buckle was like on the first pic, and polished.
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So this is a modern straight vent Z22, but Seiko original rather than aftermarket ?

/ martin
I vcannot tell from the pic.

I see a lot of non-Seiko bezels being sold on Ebay. Packaged in "Seiko" packaging. BUt sue not made by Seiko at all. So the packaging is not telling me anything.

I get the Z22 from Seiko in a plastig bag, with a sticker on it that tells me the model number.
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