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What Seiko models with 8F-movements can still be found?

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Hi guys,

I finally made it over to the new place, and I have to say I like the new forum very much.
A big thanks to everybody who was involved in setting it up.

Moving on to my question, I have developed an interest in quality quartz movements since the purchas of my SBBN007
a few months ago. I am impressed with the performance of the 7C46 and also the fact that second hand alignment is perfect.
During my research on quartz Seikos I stumbled across the 8F-movements rated at 20spy accuracy, but it seems that there
not many models with those movements available on the market right now.

The best known 8F watches are probably the SBCM023 and the SBQJ015.

Are there any other Seiko, Citizen, Pulsar or other watches with 20spy accuracy (and maybe a perpetual calender) in the below 500$ category that can still be found?

Many thanks and best regards
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I'm giving this a friendly bump. I hope you don't mind.
There must be some love for these watches.
I believe even the SBQJ015 and its white sibling have now been discontinued.

So, you've got the SBCM023 and the cheaper than the SBQJ (non GMT) SBQL007 and 009
I did not know the SBQJ015 is now discontinued as well.
It is a pity that Seiko keeps reducing the number of models with the 8F movements.
I wonder why they are doing that.
I suspect that Seiko is cutting back on watches that use the 8F series of movements because they are no longer selling well. The demand for highly accurate perpetual calendar watches with a GMT hand may not be what it was in the late 1990's through early 2000's.

I like several of the watches with 8F56 movements including the SLT015, SLT047 and SLT055.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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