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What Is This Watch Worth ? (WITWW?)

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I propose a new game for any interested in downsizing, which is not easy, and selling,
which is also not easy. The value of an object simply boils down to a consensus of
opinions, though i have also observed that it only takes one buyer to make a deal.

I'd like to start the game with this watch, a rare one, and rare ones are by definition
very hard to evaluate. I am proving the respect that i have for your opinions by asking
for them, and of course, we're all delusional, so perhaps this game/thread can become
something like a true mirror, something that shows us some truth. Here's the watch:

I don't want to become the guy who just keeps flogging a watch at what really is an arbitrary
price until it sells. i bump my prices down until reality shows me i'm being reasonable. what if
we could begin the selling process this way instead of ending it?

Thanks for your consideration, and i'll be glad to offer my opinions to you, if you ask :)

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not quite sure that I understand your question. I never thought of this watch as "rare"; maybe that is because in the advent of my seiko interest, I saw that model a LOT and was interested in picking one up, but never did for one reason or another.

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back in 2003, i was still a timex guy, i liked my watch but it was a utilitarian
thing for me. i never see them for sale, for me, that's the definition of rare.
and my definition of overpriced is something that sits for a long time without
selling, or a price reduction. this watch was both, it was the only one i saw for
sale, ever, and the price was too high and never dropped.

now i'm bumping it down, but it's hard to price a watch with very little of a
track record on pricing. and, it is minty.
Here's my "rare" story. I think I came into Seikos when the first gen orange and black monsters came out or close to it. When the yellow monster came out (only 300 units), I HAD to have one and spent $600-700 for it, after shipping from a guy in Thailand. That was an ungodly amount for a monster back then. I liked it a lot, but didn't wear it that much; so, off it went. I believe that I sold it for $1,500 and felt pretty darn good about it...LOL. Now, I'm kicking myself, of course. Those things sell for $4-5k EASY. There's one on ePay now for $10k. =\

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