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What Is This Watch Worth ? (WITWW?)

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I propose a new game for any interested in downsizing, which is not easy, and selling,
which is also not easy. The value of an object simply boils down to a consensus of
opinions, though i have also observed that it only takes one buyer to make a deal.

I'd like to start the game with this watch, a rare one, and rare ones are by definition
very hard to evaluate. I am proving the respect that i have for your opinions by asking
for them, and of course, we're all delusional, so perhaps this game/thread can become
something like a true mirror, something that shows us some truth. Here's the watch:

I don't want to become the guy who just keeps flogging a watch at what really is an arbitrary
price until it sells. i bump my prices down until reality shows me i'm being reasonable. what if
we could begin the selling process this way instead of ending it?

Thanks for your consideration, and i'll be glad to offer my opinions to you, if you ask :)

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I applaud your effort here. Setting a price for a rare watch with practically no comparable sales is a crapshoot. It evolves into a game of who's buying and how motivated might he be / deep are his pockets.

One can hold out asking for the moon for years only to finally find someone willing to blow away the top of market because money is no object to him. That doesn't 'prove it was worth that much.' It means a fool rolled by willing to part with wads of money.

As a parallel, I spent 2+ years hunting down the rarest variation of the SKX007, namely the SKX169. It's just a 7S26 inside so no value in the movement, just a bog standard SKX007/009/011/etc. case so no high dollar value there, using the silver ornate 7002 2nd gen style bezel as used on the SKX171, so again no value in the parts, but there were so few made ardent collectors like me will pay up to $1,000 for it - thus proving it's the rarity and not the underlying cost to manufacture. I got mine at a price multiple of 2 or 3 or even 4 for an SKX009 but frankly I was prepared to go much higher because it was a real journey to find the one I got.

I liken it a bit to those cars on Mecum Auctions on TV, every now and then 2 gentlemen won't be outbid until there is a winner who grossly overpaid and a very happy seller who did not deserve to get that much money for that ride.
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On to the OP's exact watch:

Watch Charts .com shows the only sale in the last 6 months was at $724 (sound familiar Peter?)

Rectangle Font Screenshot Parallel Number

Going farther back sales in 2019 at $800-$900 and some unsold ones too, no telling if that was the same watch or up to 4 unique examples, and condition is unknown.

Product Rectangle Azure Font Slope

I would think the one you are selling, pristine if not immaculate, full kit, all links included, etc makes it a top of market value. Then the question becomes 'how many guys are interested in adding it to their collection? Not so much for the price point, just in general, how many collectors want one ? Seiko made a lot of these 7S36 oddities, limited editions and such, I love the 7S36 sushi roll family of reissues, I have no clue if this is highly desirable or not.

To me the question is not 'what is the right price?' but rather the right price is shown above, so the question is 'who is interested in owning this unique Limited Edition?"
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Let me add that in the case of the SKX169 commanding a high price due to their rarity, I should add that there are precious few of us who would pay the premium just to have it. The black dial variant is not that hard to find and many guys switched off the OEM bezel because it's too 'out there' for their eye.

What I am saying is that the price is high but the subset of collectors who would pay for it is small.
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