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What is "rare" :)

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Reading Martins post ref rare and the trade forum in a sellers title, what do we consider "rare".

For example some one who does not own a 6105 could consider that to be a rare model but to guys who own 10 or 20 then it is not rare.

A bracelet end link if you havent got one and can not find one for love nor money could be considered "rare" but then other guys could have a box full.

Again a NOS (what is new old stock :) ) second hand could be considered rare and again a guy have a tin full so not rare to him but to some one who as looked for one for perhaps years it is rare.

So it goes on we all interpret statements differently.
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The semantics of watch sales are always 'interesting'. Martin's post hits some nails squarely on the head - and the point about using 'rare' is well made. I think it is ok to describe a piece as 'rare' if it actually is, but of course it's a relative term so people need to be careful with it and certainly not use it routinely. For example, I have recently used the term in a for sale post (watch is now sold) since it was a Seiko 6118, and has been described by others on the (old) forum as rare, or seldom seen, and I have only seen one or two for sale on eBay over the last couple of years so I thought it was reasonable to attract a bit of attention since potential buyers might not know the movement. Ultimately though, I guess users of the SCTF do know their watches, so use of the word 'rare' is probably superfluous anyway! ::)

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