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What is "rare" :)

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Reading Martins post ref rare and the trade forum in a sellers title, what do we consider "rare".

For example some one who does not own a 6105 could consider that to be a rare model but to guys who own 10 or 20 then it is not rare.

A bracelet end link if you havent got one and can not find one for love nor money could be considered "rare" but then other guys could have a box full.

Again a NOS (what is new old stock :) ) second hand could be considered rare and again a guy have a tin full so not rare to him but to some one who as looked for one for perhaps years it is rare.

So it goes on we all interpret statements differently.
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Rare means, that in most cases it's not worth to hunt it. I want to have a watch collection that shows most facets of the time (in my case mainly '60s and '70s with some exceptions). I want to collect typical middle class watches.
I hate limited editions for example.

However, I have to admit, that there're some "rarer" examples around I would like to have (but for fair money).

But generally speaking, rarity is more a minus for me and my philosophy of collecting watches (unless it's due to a particular technique). ???


1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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