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I picked up a Seikomatic 8305-0020 that looks to be from a transitional batch made for possibly just a couple of weeks in March 1965. I've searched for others with the same cursive Seikomatic script and every one I've found so far (admittedly only 8 of them) has a 53xx serial number. It looks to have been followed by a switch to Seikomatic-R branding in printed script that also started at 53xx but then continued until at least October 1965.

When any of you have done deep dives on serial numbers for other vintage Seikos, have you found a month (likely less) of production for a variation like this to be unusual or was it somewhat common? It seems like Seiko was pretty scattershot in its production in the early to mid-1960's - I feel like I see a million variations of every model. Thanks!

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