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What great community the SCWF is.

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What great community the SCWF is.
My short time here has proven to be quite the learning experience.
I came to this forum in search of a watch to replace my 7002. After asking many questions, visiting fellow members sites & blogs I have come to realize that it is easy to get hooked on accumulating watches. I even signed up for the beginners watch making class.
That being said, A while back I had posted a topic seeking opinions on the Seiko SRP043k & the SKX007. I want to thank everybody who replied to that topic & shared their knowledge & opinions.
I finally made up my mind & went with the "Spork" (learned that term here) Seiko SRP0432k & it arrived on Monday.
It was such a bargain I couldn't pass it up. 3 year warranty, brand spankin new (boxes papers etc) for less $ than a SKX007 with a dial mod I would have wanted.
The lume is amazing. It is running + 2 seconds against US Naval Observatory Master Clock ,
I have read that there is a break in period for movements. Do I just let it run for a week or so or change it to the correct time daily?
Looking forward to continue expanding my knowledge of watches.

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Welcome to the madness, Phil. You will not only expand your knowledge but deflate your wallet. We here are all enablers of the addiction to Seiko's great timepieces of all ages.
This place is indeed full of great people. There are many ways to share, so take some simple pictures and measurements of your Spork and post it up.

As far as the break in period it will take a few weeks of regular wear. Don't think too much about it. Just let the watch run normally and adjust as necessary. For me if it gets more than 1 minute fast or slow I will then adjust. At + 2 seconds, that should be a while! To be honest, most people here don't wear a single watch long enough for accuracy to have much significance. :)
There are many very intelligent, talented, friendly, and caring people in this forum!

Thanks to Gabe and all who contributed, and continue to contribute to this STRIKINGLY beautiful and sexy forum! ;)

Angelis :)
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